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In 2012, travel changed my life.  I was two years into my business, burnt out, exhausted and ready to quit until a trip to Paris gave me new inspiration to keep on going.  Now it's 10 years later and once again travel is saving me.  I want you to experience this too.

My Friend,  You are in the right place. These limited-edition digital prints are just for you.

Do you love travel, soft colors, the look of film and Do you want your home or office to reflect this?

But, these prints have a purpose...
In addition to the loss of income from 2020, 2021 has not be kind to our family and our business.  Cancer has reared it's ugly head requiring me to slow down and find other ways of providing for my family while I need to step away from shooting and traveling so that I can heal.



My Print Shop can do this for me

On Tuesday and Thursday of each week, At 12Pm EST. I will be releasing one of my favorite images on Instagram and via email.

Prints released each week!

You asked and I listened. I'm not making the prints digital so that you can print the size that you want.  I'm excited for this and I'm now offering digital prints to you!

This is a digital Image that can be printed up to a 16x20

I only recommend that these prints be printed at or if you are a professional photographer, please use your professional lab.  I cannot guarantee the colors if printed elsewhere.

Quality is always first with me!

So how does it work?

My journey started in 2009.  I've traveled the world shooting wedding & teaching workshops, celebrity clients and being published worldwide in publications and blogs.  My life was full and then 2020 happened.  I realized that year and this year, that I'm so much more than my accomplishments and I'm still valuable even if I step down from weddings.

My new love finds me still traveling the world, but taking you with me. through my travel images. In edition to my print shop, my images are licensed and featured in major stores, magazines and books. Making these images available to you allows me to slow down. A time to rest and heal. I call these Prints, "Prints for Peace" because it's exactly what they are doing for me right now.

Stay tuned each week for new images and remember, these are limited-edition digital prints.  Ready to purchase?  Just keep scrolling!